Damikon description

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Damikon description

Post  Inquisitor Draznel on Wed Sep 14, 2011 11:43 pm

Hey Guys,

First of all I would like to thank everyone for the great help you have been over the last few sessions. Hopefully I will improve as the weeks roll by. To help me get into character and play damikon as he has been played previously, I would like to ask you what he is like as a character, his background etc. and where the original player had seen his direction going. Any advice or tips would be appreciated. I must say that I have enjoyed every time we have played and hope to be "in character" a bit more in our next session.
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Re: Damikon description

Post  Jack Napier on Thu Sep 15, 2011 12:41 am

Hard to give much details as he hasn't been very well fleshed-out.

As far as his appearance, I think he is supposed to look a little something like his miniature... bearded, green woodsman's clothes, etc.

He's certainly a man of action, and has a history of being a bit wreckless. Sometimes to his own perril or to the dismay of his friends.

He is a big game hunter, knows a lot about tracking, trapping, furs, nature, the woods, camping, etc. He's especially proficient in dealing with animals, getting bonuses to hit and damage against them.

He should be into geography and is into map making. It's been assumed that he makes maps of places he's been to as a hobby and a way to help the party.

He is most in his element in the woods and gets benifits to survival, initiative, and even his magic when he is there.

He lacks social graces, and generally has been pretty quiet lest he put his foot in his mouth.

I imagine he would have some kind of kinship towards Winter as Rangers often act as guardians for Druids, and they share many affinities.

His history with Jack is not so good... Jack tried to get him laid, ended up getting laid himself instead, and upon being discovered by the girl's father (Ven Vinder, the general store owner) Jack tried to get Damikon to help him, but only made a bad situation worse by trying to fight the guy both in the shop and in the street.

Magnus, being a new addition, doesn't have too much history with him beyond fighting and defeating evil creatures as of late. I expect a level of mutual respect between the two as they both tend to dish out the damage.

If you want to be "true to the character" be a balls to the wall brave hunter type... but know you have a lot of freedom in your interpretation for the short time you'll play him before switching to your own character.

Anything else to add, guys?
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