Ninja class for Damian

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Ninja class for Damian

Post  The DM on Wed Sep 14, 2011 2:53 am

Ok Scott, thought about it and I'm cool with you retroactively getting the ninja class, but the traits have to stay. That trait was available and I printed out the APG. When you guys rolled up the characters I gave it to you all to read. Have fun with the new ninja stuff!

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Re: Ninja class for Damian

Post  Jack Napier on Wed Sep 14, 2011 3:14 am

Can I use a Hero Point? Har har har

Seriously though, I'm fine with you ruling to keep the trait as is... but know that now I'm expecting to be using that trait and making rolls with that +1 bonus.

For example: the girls at the Sandpoint tavern may not neccessarily be too "small town" to follow Jack to the beach for the party, right? I get a chance to roll to convince them?

I gave up on trying because I wasn't being presented with oppertunities for the months we've played and thus regretted the trait selection. Wouldn't you?

Had I seen the Magical Knack trait I would've definitely selected it in the first place as it is perfect for a magic user briefly dipping into another class. It also adds an even stronger value to my familiar who is equally important to me as my character. Ka helps jack reach his potential as an Arcane Trickster (which is how I see it, not Ninja/Sorcer/AT)

I'll roleplay Damian's frisky side more in game instead of alluding to it so long as it's not creepy, and a way of making the game more fun. Fun is the most important part of gaming for me.

If the trait isn't fun or helpful, do I really get any bonus?
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