The Skinsaw Murders (09/05/11)

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The Skinsaw Murders (09/05/11)

Post  Jack Napier on Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:07 am

(OOC: Thought I'd spend a little time to write up the notes I took today in an interesting way. Your characters don't get to read Jack's journal, but you guys do. He's been taking this investigation pretty seriously seeing as he keeps getting messages from the killer. Here's what your characters know from today's session with some Jack commentary/comtemplation thrown in for good measure. The spelling is probably off for many/most names, if the DM could write some corrections below I will edit)

The Skinsaw Murders Investigation – Excerpts from Jack’s journal


Came back to Sandpoint pretty late, and found that my room was broken into. The thief/thieves made off with an old comb. I barely even use combs now that I have magic… Why did they take it? Ka says that someone might be trying to scry me? or is Sheilus Vinder proving to be an even crazier bitch than I thought?

I told her it was over between us…


Saw Hemlock first thing in the morning. He says 5 people have been killed in total: 2 at the saw Mill and 3 in a barn by Cougar’s Creek. There was a note addressed to me, pinned by a splinter of wood to the sleeve of one of the victims of the most recent murder.

It read: "We’ve spoken of this before, my master. Join The Pack and it will end."

It disturbed me to see such a note… I don’t recall talking to ANYONE about a “Pack.” What do they want from me?

Sheilus may have called me “baby” when we were intimate, but not “Master” … I kind of like the sound of it, though!


At the lumber mill, we found the two bodies in a horrible state. Katherine, Sheilus’ sister (of all people!), was found cut in half by the log-splitting saw blades. Harker, the millworker, was pinned to the wall by hooks with a 7 pointed star (just like the medallion we found on Nualia) carved into his chest and 5-fingered claw marks. So much blood...

A suspicious axe was on the scene. It reeked of the same vile stench of undead as the footprints that lead in from the river and back out via the lumber shoot.

Damikon and Winter get points for sniffing out those tracks. Always nice to have friends who don't mind getting their feet wet to track down the bad guy.

After, we set out to question Igor Thorn, the other millworker, who was under protection at the garrison. It brought a smile to my face to see Ven Vinder behind bars, I'm sure he thought if we'd ever meet with bars between us it would be the other way around.

Ven is a suspect in these murders as it was revealed to us that Katherine and Harker would regularly hook-up at the mill for a midnight rendez-vous… Ven didn’t kill me in his store so I don’t see him being the killer. Hemlock’s pretty sure he’s innocent, too. I noted his lack of “claw hands” and surprising lack of “undead stench” as he shouted obscenities at me when I walked by his cell.

He seems pretty defeated by the situation. I can understand where the anger is coming from. I hope I never have a daughter! I almost feel bad for him. Almost. Does this asshole really think I’m responsible? He’s just big, dumb, and angry. I’ll make him eat his words when I find the real killer.

New information from Igor: the mill is owned by the Scarnetti family who may or may not have burned their competition in the lumber business. Harker may have been padding the books and the family may have put a hit on him. Katherine, the poor thing, may have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Too many "may haves"!

Note: Investigate Scarnetti Family.


Visited Rodert Quink, the local sage, and expert historian.

He was excited to inform us that the 7-pointed star was from the ancient Thasselonian Empire of 7000-10000 years ago. It was used as symboI of power representing all the forms of magic except Divination which, we were told, wasn’t so popular back then. Apparently the Rune Lord “Allezonest” ran the show around these parts.

I am pretty sure it’s not a Thasselonian that killed the people. Maybe a cult of Thasselonian/RuneLord worshippers?

He seemed a little nervous talking about things and hurried us out. Why is everybody you talk to seem so suspicious when you’re investigating murders?


Went back to see Hemlock and gave a report. He told us of the Scarnis(Skar-Knees), a gang of murders lead by Jubril Vishkey and operating out of Grestle Tenowar’s “Fatman’s Feedbag." That place is just packed with low-lifes and brute that would no sooner break a bottle in my face than talk.

Another lead? How many killers are in this small town? And would they really meet in such an obvious place?

Note: Investigate the Scarnis at the Fatman's Feedbag if no better clues turn up.


The 3 men murdered in the barn by Cougar’s Creek were known con-men and were killed in ways worse than one would expect for revenge. They bear the same claw marks as the previous two bodies. Their bodyguard narrowly escaped with his life. His mind, however, is lost. He is being kept in an asylum outside of town.

Note: Get whatever information you can from the guy at the coocoo's nest.


We went to question the bodyguard at the asylum (nice place if you're into that "creepy" motif) and were almost not let in by the keepers there. A little charm and a letter from the Sherrif took care of that. Living and working so far out of town, I guess he didn’t know who he was dealing with.

The body guard was indeed out of his mind, spouting out things about razors, teeth, and the skinsaw man (his “master”). He recognized me and said something like:

“I knew you would come! The master said you would! And that I should not forget to tell you to come to The Misgivings soon to give you something special. I am so jealous and…”

I’m having trouble remembering the last bit because it was then that he burst from his straightjacket and attempted to rip off my face! Lucky for me, Magnus saw to it to break the nut before he could do any permanent damage.

Magnus informed us that it was likely Ghoul Fever that was affecting the man. Undead? Damnit... but it certainly ties in nicely with the smells at the crimescenes.

More importantly, that’s two messages delivered to me. This is getting stranger and stranger and Magnus keeps questioning me. I wish I had the answers. I don’t want further deaths on my conscience.

Note: Investigate this “Misgivings” place... whatever/wherever it is.
Probably a trap... good thing disarming traps is one of my specialties.


Sherriff Hemlock summoned us again. Another murder? Yep. A man covered in mud has been reciting nursery rhymes about scarecrows walking at night and eating people. I never understood why adults teach such violent nursery rhymes to their children. His name is Farm Grump and he came from Hemly farm.

We were about to leave to investigate the scarecrows in the farmland to the south when my favourite new barmaid came running to find us. My room has been broken into AGAIN… I was very relieved that my newly purchased Handy Haversack allows me to carry my valuables with me… The thief/thieves must’ve been pretty disappointed… not much besides empty bottles, candles, and pre-prestidigated socks and undergarments to knick.

But why was no one else’s room broken into? Why mine AGAIN? Hmph… more pressing matters at Hemly’s farm! I'll have to check out my room later.

Note: Check out my room for further clues.

Note to self: Get a hold of Ameiko (hehehe) and let her know that The Rusty Dragon and I miss her terribly. Maybe invite her to have a drink while I’m at it. These break-ins might be enough to get her around again and away from the high society stiffs.


I need to get Damikon to show me his maps of the city and surrounding area. The crime scenes have mostly been in the south of town with the killer using the river to cover their tracks. Investigators in stories always mark the crime scenes on a map to help locate the killer’s hideout! Should've thought of this sooner!

I hate to admit it but I’m having a bit of fun with this… does that make me a bad person? Not if I can figure this out and put a stop to it! Hero work!

Note to self: continue to kick ass.


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next moves

Post  Winter on Mon Sep 05, 2011 3:03 pm

What's our next move? Assuming there's no more ghouls at the farm to smash.

Winter suggests that we head out to the nobles house to which this key we found corresponds.

The other options would be to figure out where "The Misgivings" are and head there, or to go question the Skarnies or Scarnettis. I'm not that excited about the Misgivings because it seems like that's where the killer wants us to go. As far as questioning the latter two groups, I think it's a better idea to investigate the key first, because it's material evidence linking it to the ghoul infestation, whereas the former 2 are just circumstantial leads.


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Re: The Skinsaw Murders (09/05/11)

Post  Jack Napier on Mon Sep 05, 2011 11:18 pm

(OOC: Looked through some stuff in the Rune Lords Players' Guide, corrected the Scarnetti name but didn't get much else from it. Stared at the maps too, but most buildings are un-marked on this version. Edited a bit more for style, too)

We are really close to blowing this whole case open.

Jack suggests our first move be to investigate the body on the table. We searched the house, but haven't properly examined the body. There may be a seven pointed star carved into him, and there may be another note.

We may have to fight our way out of the corn again, but we should be okay. We should definitely get back to town quickly as somebody may or may not have been trying to get the heroes out of town to commit another murder in town.

The key is absolutely solid evidence. It being of the Foxglove family is also important because that asshole is someone Jack has spent enough time with to have much of a connection... though "Pack" still doesn't ring a bell.

Jack sees these people as the potential killer:

Sheilus Vinder, psycho girl that got he and Damikon in trouble. Potentially obsessive. He doesn't have enough on her to truly suspect it, but she did show the strongest emotions towards him.

Foxglove, that loser rich guy we saved who took us hunting. The key might've been a plant, but it's the first material evidence. He's also "the last person you'd expect" </meta> Jack is unsure what he would want with him though... if anything Foxglove would have problems with Silli and Sei.


The Scarnettis are likely a red herring. Jack hasn't gotten in the way of their business. Not enough connections to the victims so far.

The Scarnis could be involved, but no personal connection to Jack. Seems like a module writer's trick to get my character beat up at a seedy bar </meta>

Cult of Rune Lord Worshipers - Rodert Quink, the sage, was highly enthusiastic about the ancients and nervously shooed us away.

Dead Leads:

Ven Vinder - Obviously a Red Herring as he HATES Jack, and his own daughter is dead. He's stupid but not THAT stupid.


Important things to note. The killings have all happened by the river, which was used to cover the killer's tracks. They have all happened around there and the south of town. The killer's base of opperations is likely to the south and somewhere close to the river.

That key and the Misgivings are the two biggest leads right now. Maybe we can ask Hemlock or some other trusted source about the Misgivings? Failing to learn what/where the Misgivings are, we should track down the Foxglove family about that key ASAP.
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Re: The Skinsaw Murders (09/05/11)

Post  Magnus on Wed Sep 07, 2011 12:48 pm

And obviously whomever is in charge is in control of a "pack" of ghouls, so we're either dealing with a powerful spellcaster or powerful undead creature.

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Re: The Skinsaw Murders (09/05/11)

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