Loot worked out for 7/03

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Loot worked out for 7/03

Post  Jack Napier on Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:57 pm

Loot from the past 2 weeks:

On trade goods (coins, etc) we have 786.3 gp, or 196.58 gp each.

Reward for Shadow Mist's return 150gp , or 37.5gp each.

On weapons and other mundane items: 2063gp @75% = 1551 or 387.75gp each.

This brings the wealth gained to 621.83gp for each party member (Jack is being generous and giving Ulric a full partner's share of 25% rather than the previously decided upon 10%)

Tricky items to sell:

Bane Arrows work out to be 166.05 gp each, thus 664.2 for the four of them. If we can find a buyer that will be (@75%) 498.15gp or 124.54gp each.

+1 Dogslicer valued at 2308gp or (@75%) 1731gp or 432.75gp each


Therefore, assuming we can sell the dogslicer and bane arrows, each party member will receive 1179.12gp each.

to be distributed: 2 potions of cure moderate wounds, 1 potion of cure light wounds, 1 wand of silent image (4 charges) (Jack!)


Jack is considering taking a small percentage for further efforts in book-keeping and haggling for the party. This effort is time-consuming (in and out of character) Any self-respecting accountant/personal merchant would.

Also, if utility scrolls that benefit everyone (such as the scroll of Ant Haul which allowed the party to bring the treasure back) could kindly be re-embursed out of the party's treasure he'd be a little happier to work his magic to keep this company working smoothly.
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